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Soon you’ll be able to post your packages straight into postboxes as Royal Mail is launching 1,400 parcel postboxes in 32 towns across the UK. See above picture for locations.

Royal Mail will be converting existing postboxes to give them a wider hole and including a secure design to allow customers to post pre-paid parcels.

This is the first time these postboxes have been widely introduced in the UK, following a successful trial in 2018.

It’s also the first major change to postboxes since they was introduced 160 years ago.

The new postboxes mean customers will be able to post parcels at any time, seven days a week, rather than queuing up at the Post Office.

But parcels must be pre-paid for through Click & Drop, Royal Mail’s online labelling system for consumers, online sellers and account customers.

You can read more about it with more specific information on the Royal Mail website.

Lgbt-Friendly Homes for the Elderly

New York’s first LGBT-friendly housing is to open in Brooklyn in the fall and the Bronx in 2020.

Such housing exists in a handful of American cities. But the development in Brooklyn, Ingersoll Senior Residences, is expected to be the country’s largest. In addition to units with sweeping views across Brooklyn, Ingersoll will have a community centre in the lobby offering meals, programming and health and wellness resources.

Both developments are going up in a partnership with the city and the state, developers and SAGE, the country’s oldest advocacy group for LGBT elders. The government subsidised units – 228 total – are open to individuals and couples 62 and older whose annual income is below a designated amount. Affordable housing is scarce overall in New York City, but research indicates that the need is acute among LGBT elders. An estimated 2.7 million LGBT adults in the United States are 50 or older, and one-third live at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, according to SAGE.

Our networks naturally thin out over time as friends and family leave us through death or other circumstances. But the difference for LGBT elders is that their communities tend to be peer-based, leaving them on their own when their networks dry up.The first federally funded longitudinal study of LGBT elders found that 51% of those who lived in private residences reported social isolation. And the situation appears worse for those in senior housing, with 72% reporting social isolation.

[Source: CNN Health - read the full article here.]

To be able to grow old peacefully with like minded people without fear of discrimination in every day life should be normal. Maybe with the success of movements such as the creation of Ingersoll Senior it will catch on and move here.

‘Pride in Ageing’

A scheme in Greater Manchester aims to end older LGBT inequality.

Sir Ian Mckellen has teamed up with British charity LGBT Foundation to create Pride in Ageing.

Since June this year, the campaign will be aiming to tackle social isolation and ensure “access to inclusive housing and care” for people over 50.

A spokesman for the foundation said the project also aimed to “celebrate the positive aspects of being an LGBT person in mid-to-later life” and, alongside working with a number of agencies across the region, would bring people together to “share their stories” and build a “community of active and empowered people”..

He said their research had found about 60% of LGBT people over 50 in the area were “not confident that social care and support services would be able to understand and meet their needs”, while over 40% had the same concerns about mental health services..

Sir Ian said that “although the laws have changed, attitudes haven’t altogether”..

“You want to feel you are surrounded by, at least, friendship and, on occasions, love and respect and all those things can be missing if people slip back into the old attitudes.”

LGBTI Founders Day.

Gay Star News partnered with Barclays in September 2018 to launch the very first global event celebrating LGBTI elders.

The annual LGBTI Founders Day focused on gay, lesbian, bi and trans icons over 50 and their victories as well as their struggles.

Beloved TV presenter Sandi Toksvig was the keynote speaker for the event. She pointed out that although we’ve come a long way in terms of rights there ‘was still a long way to go’.

We need LGBT Care Homes!


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