Then Do Better Grants

I’ve got some very exciting news!

Last week we were awarded our first grant, from ‘Then Do Better Grants’.

Ben Yeoh set this initiative up and gives ten grants a year to ideas that could make a meaningful impact to ones self, the community, or the world.

We told Ben about the motivation behind Greyling Post and our ideas for growing the company. Explaining all that we’d like to happen in order for us to move forward was a useful exercise in itself, and now that we have the money we can’t wait to get started improving and extending our work.

First things first, I’m going to change our website to one which offers a better user experience as a shop to make it easier for customers and wholesalers to choose and buy cards. This is the fuel for all the cards we donate to support people living in residential care homes so we need to get it right.

Secondly, we’re trademarking ‘Cards to Care homes’. We’re the first company to do this on a large scale (so my research has shown) and it will help to promote the initiative and spread it far and wide.

And finally – for now – we’re stocking up on our cards. There’s been a few favourites sold out for a while so we can get them back online, also some new ones that have been sitting dormant. We’d also like a bit more promotion on the go.


It’s such a positive start to the year for us. Thank you for seeing and believing in our cause, Ben.

Watch this space.



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