Things we can do...

Every time you buy from our shop we donate a pack for a pack of cards to a care home in the UK. 

Once twenty free packs have been generated they are packaged up with some pens and dropped off. If you know of a care home where the residents would appreciate a delivery of free cards please let us know, as we can post boxes out.

We've just trialled our first donation at Amblecote Gardens, Salford to see if residents welcome the offer of card deliveries. Happily they've told us that it inspires them to remember and connect with people during the days when they see few visitors, helps for those who can't get out to the shops but don't feel comfy shopping online, and glad that they don't have to use their pensions to purchase cards for their friends and family. I think they also liked our designs!

We choose a careful mix of birthday, blank, wedding, funny, leaving, thank you, and love designs. We will put in a few LGBTQ designs too so residents can feel included, and so that they have suitable cards to post out to their friends and family in our growing and more accepting society.

Donations at Amblecote Gardens in Salford, 2/7/19. 

Signing in.

Doris choosing some designs.

Lynne wanted a photo with her selection.

"Can I have more than one?" "Yes you can have as many as you want!"

Jen chatting to Bernard.

"Are they really free?!" Yes.

Here's Mary holding onto Wenys for us.

Explaining to Lynne a bit about how they were made.

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