We are currently three - soon to be four, - artists working hard at art and life, using some of our skills to design greetings cards.

All Greyling Post cards are available for wholesale and we also have an online shop for individual customers, in case you're not a shop.

Below is a little about each of our artists.


Artist / 34 / Norwich, UK

I'm a full time artist working from my studio in the winding lanes of Norwich. I've been making cards since 2015, learning a lot about the card trade in the past four years. The idea of creating something to share my knowledge and network of contacts with newly emerging artists has been with me for a while, and as I've begun developing my own practice into fine art and book illustration I wanted to set up a company to make this happen.

On 22nd May 2019 started working to create my own company with a supportive ethos: Greyling Post.

I spend most of my time with my partner Jen and our dog Wenys, running about in the park and eating snacks. Jen helps me with copywriting, unfathomable contracts and everyday negotiations. Unbelievable partner in crime. Wenys also helps.

I love when the three of us leave for a trip away in the van. It's the most freeing feeling, especially when we don't know when we're returning.

I specialise collage work and painting. My full time work is here

mia hague, cards to care homes, greyling post 


Artist / 30 / Bristol

I live in Bristol and make art full-time, as well as being a mama to my plants! I forage for all sorts of plants and flowers that I can dye fabric and wool with and I love nothing more than diving head first into any book about colour… I love colour!

My Gran, Susie taught me most of my crafts, she gave me a needle and thread as soon as she could! She was a huge part of my life and would always egg me on to be creative. Her advice, and motto in life, is SHY BAIRNS GET NOWT. Meaning: if you don’t ask, you don’t get! So that’s what I do. And look at me now, designing cards and being part of a collective with Mia.

My brain in website form is

Daryl Hooper, greyling post, Gran Susie

Nanna Mc

Nanna, singer, socialite / 70 / Liverpool

I'm a Liverpudlian and very proud to be. I like the arts and volunteer at the Bluecoat. I also enjoy singing in a choir, going to the theatre, and am a member of a book club. I dabble in painting and love to take photos. My dog Lillie gives me lots of reasons to smile and exercise.

Nanna Mc, Liverpool, Greyling Post