Thank you for your patience at this time, delivery times are a little slower. I'm working alone, safely from home. Thank you for the continued support. Stay in, stay well. Mia
Thank you for your patience at this time, delivery times are a little slower. I'm working alone, safely from home. Thank you for the continued support. Stay in, stay well. Mia
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Cards to Care Homes ™

Let's make things a bit better...

Every time you buy from our shop we donate the same amount every month to a care home in the UK.

If you know of a care home where the residents would appreciate a delivery of free cards please let us know, as we can post boxes out.

We trialled our first donation at Amblecote Gardens, Salford to see if residents welcome the offer of card deliveries. Happily they've told us that it inspires them to remember and connect with people during the days when they see few visitors, helps for those who can't get out to the shops but don't feel comfy shopping online, and glad that they don't have to use their pensions to purchase cards for their friends and family. I think they also liked our designs!

Since then we've donated 7 more boxes, and the cards have gone down so well. Most of the care homes now have started their own pen pal schemes with other care homes.

We choose a careful mix of birthday, blank, wedding, funny, leaving, thank you, and love designs. We will put in a few LGBTQ designs too so residents can feel included, and so that they have suitable cards to post out to their friends and family in our growing and more accepting society.

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This is myself and Mary G. She is 95 now and still an absolute firecracker. Mary is the inspiration behind the project. My only communication with her now is by letter or visits, as we're 200 miles apart and she can't hear me on the phone anymore.

I started being a volunteer carer for Mary in 2009, after spotting a small advert in a local Manchester newspaper asking if anyone can spare an hour a week for a lonely older person. 

A couple of years later the programme was shut thanks to cuts and a careless government, but Mary and I stayed best of friends and I continued to visit her every week until I moved to Norwich in 2018. We trialled the first box at Mary's home first (Amblecote Gardens) There are pictures below.

Donations to Hinstock Manor, Shropshire. January 2020.

We had a lovely write up on the Hinstock Manor facebook page this week. Below are a couple of screenshots, and some accompanying photos. Thanks so much Vanessa I'm glad the residents are writing again!

"The session gave our residents the chance to write again, sadly for many it is a skill that they have not practised in quite some time and it took a little while to get into the swing of things, but  is no stopping them now though!
Your cards sparked many conversations yesterday as our ladies looked through them all and talked about the different designs and chose which they liked best etc.
Thank you again for your kindness they were much appreciated, I’ll mail the photos though to you."

- Activities Co ordinator, Vanessa Stokes.


Donations at Cromwell House, Norwich 3/10/19

Thank you Espe! I hope the residents enjoy using the cards for the writing to the community scheme. What a wonderful idea.

Greyling Post, Cards to Care Homes

Donations at Ivy Court, Norwich 25/9/19

It was wonderful to meet you today Sharon and Ellie! I hope the cards bring the residents some joy and thank you for being our first care home in Norwich to receive our cards.

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Donations at THE FED, Prestwich, Manchester. 16/8/19

The Fed is the leading social care charity for the Greater Manchester Jewish Community.

We dropped off our second box and hear the residents are enjoying the cards! The organisers there have twinned their home with a neighbouring care home so that the residents have pen pals! We're waiting on some more photos and a press release.

The Fed, Greyling Post, Mia Hague

We're in the paper!

This was published in the Jewish Telegraph in Manchester, September 2019.

And then again in October

Our very first trial donation at Amblecote Gardens in Salford, 2/7/19.